German Shepherd Puppies:

Fee & Bazi's pups
Born 06/08/2007
Sire: Bazi

VA-1 (USA), V-6 (BSZS) Bazi von der Urbecke

SchH 3, FH1, KKL 1, HD ED "a1"normal, ZW85

2006(USA) & 2007(BSZS) Sieger Show

"SPECIAL RECOGNITION" ('07 BSZS) by Judge Reinhardt Meyer for Outstanding performance in TSB assessment [Drive, Self Confidence, and Stress Capacity]

Universal Sieger 2007

Dam: Fee

 V-7 Fee van't Groot-Fehn 

SchH 2, KKL 1, "a"normal

(VA-1 Ghandi von Arlett, grandaughter)

(van Noort Kennel) 

2006 Germany

The Boys

Gunter vom Galeid Haus
8 weeks old
Other litters